Actually, a friend of mine and I figured out a pretty serious flaw in Civilization II that makes it easy to conquer the world. Make discovering Democracy your primary goal. Don't worry about building any Wonders except for the Great Library and Great Wall. After you discover Democracy, build the Statue of Liberty, then revolt and switch over to Fundamentalism. You get zero corruption, zero support costs for units and all citizens are content, so you don't have to worry about cities revolting! Your research is slowed down to nothing, but that's why you built the Great Library. You still get the advances! Now that you're a Funadamentalist regime, just have your cities crank out diplomats and buy your opponents cities by inciting revolt! You can roll over a continent in a few hundred years if you've got decent enough roads.

XxtraLarGe,, 12 septembre 2005

Faire le lien avec une grande démocratie actuelle un peu trop versée dans la religion et le sécuritaire, et commenter.

(Oui, j’ai la flemme de traduire.)